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I don't think this of the KJ only, I believe that they are not a cult. That they do stand firm on what the bible teaches. There are those roles that are for the Men and Women’s in the bible. The bible is clear when it says that the Man is the head of the household and Christ, is the head of the Church not the woman. If they believe that the KJ version is the only true bible, then so be it.” I speak Spanish, so I have a Spanish/English version of the bible. If the World spoke only in the English language, then I could have been a KJ only user. I believe that newer versions of the bible are just watering down the original version. If you speak English or Spanish language, then why do we need so many versions of the bible? The KJ bible has proven the test of time, and has no copy right or it is non for profit, not like the never bibles many are for profit. I can understand why the KJO are not wanted or even hated; Christ said to all his believers, if they hated me, they will hate you. I can sit in any KJ only church and received the Word of God.


This is in my humble opinion,  Edwin Morales with the glory land.